Women in Science

There are very exciting career opportunities for women in o2h but we also understands the challenges that women face in pursuing a career in science in India. o2h has carried out an annual Women in Science open day to showcase careers in science, to meet o2h women actually working in science and to facilitate an open discussion on women in science.

The last Women in Science open day attracted nearly 120 female participants from all over Gujarat. The first women open day was organised with 24 women participants in 2004. All the participants were given a presentation highlighting the achievements of women in various fields in o2h. This presentation is followed by a view of working women in science at o2h and about the career opportunities at o2h. Various questions are invited from all the participants on the activities carried out at o2h. All the participants are taken on the lab tour to give them a real feeling of life as part of a dynamic research community working at frontiers of scientific discovery. o2h provides the pickup and drop facility on this day to ensure safety to and from various locations around Gujarat.

To encourage more and more Women in Science, o2h’s HR team has a target of ensuring that 50% of all employees at o2h are women. In addition there is a monthly women’s team meeting in which issues are discussed to ensure that o2h strives continuously to make a more female friendly working environment.